Welcome to The Idaho Juvenile Justice Association

The IJJA was formed in 1991, as an effort to more clearly define the unique role of Juvenile Justice in the larger correctional/rehabilitation system. IJJA is an organization dedicated to a partnership for a sound juvenile justice system in Idaho.

Our mission is to provide a forum for discussion and resolution of issues related to juvenile justice; to provide a central focus on networking for professionals in career development, service delivery and progressive growth in the profession; to provide leadership for Idaho in the promotion of community safety, victim restoration, and effective service delivery for at— risk youth, their families and communities.

IJJA sponsors an annual training conference each year in September. This conference offers pertinent training facilitated by nationally known speakers. The conference also provides Juvenile Justice line staff and other professionals with some great networking opportunities. At the conference, IJJA members and other attendees are able to interact with other professionals, exchanging ideas and thoughts on current issues in the field of Juvenile Justice.

We currently have over 450 active members of IJJA and continue to grow.

Please donate to the IJJA to help us continue our growth and involvement in Idaho's communities.

Thank you for all your support!


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